September 2018 Minutes

MINUTES of the meeting of Hough on the Hill Parish Council held at 7.30 pm on Thursday 20th September 2018 at All Saints Church Community Area, Hough on the Hill.

Present:  Cllr R Kingscott (RK) (in the Chair), Cllrs. Miley (PM), Milnes (PeM), Morgan (SM), Cty Cllr Maughan and  Dist Cllr Sampson and 3 members of the public.


There were no questions from the public.

 Chairman welcomed those present.

Apologies There were none.  Clerk to contact Cllr Rhymer.

RK  declared an interest in Agenda item 5 re S18/1482.

Minutes of the meetings held on 17th May were read and after minor changes it was resolved to accept the same as a true record, and they were duly signed.

Planning     S18/0075 and 0078 – Brandon Wood Clay Shoot applications – pending consideration

SK has no objections to the car park and clubhouse but there are now further problems.

30/18.   Playing field:

Clerk to issue inspection rota.  RK will see to the weed-killing and gate repair.    The “no dogs” sign has been done.  Hedge laying – the top should not be cut beforehand. One quote has been obtained for the cost of laying, burning the debris, and fencing where needed.  PeM will obtain a second quote.   Resolved unanimously to pay up to £810 “all in” (although the amount required may be less if the debris can be removed by a local farmer).  The Council will agree the final contractor and final amount by email.  PM will apply to reVOLT for a grant covering half the agreed amount (in lieu of the money previously allocated for dog bins).

31/18. Road safety/Highways:

 The speed limit reduction on the C001 will be coming.  The gates have been agreed and the signed Agreement sent in to LCC.  Pip North (from Stubton) has a licence to install on highways and PM will be meeting with him.  A time line is being sought by PM. 

Straw lorries are allowed to pass through Gelston despite the “Unsuitable for HGV signs”.  Cllr Sampson will check whether permission is required to store straw.

The stream on Low Road, Hough is flooding – Clerk to write to the owners of the field below Church Lane and ask them to clear the dyke but wait for Cllr Maughan to provide an update from Highways first.  Cllr Maughan to chase the “Not suitable for HGVs” sign at Brandon.

To report Highways faults online, the browser information is:

[a] Consultation revealed that Gelston and Brandon were not in favour of dog bins.It was resolved to not go ahead with this project.

[b]Footpath 1 – there has been a change of ownership of the land involved and the access will now be gated.Estate fencing will be put in to join up the old fencing with a matching pedestrian/cycle gate.Possible re-routing of the path near Protection Wood has to go to the Footpath Officer (FO) for a Public Path Order.The PC will only comment if consulted by the FO.

[c] Footpath 21 – PC will only comment if consulted by the FO.

[d] The new owner will allow continued use of the informal footpath connecting footpaths 1 and 14 but with some restrictions for safety.Signs will be put up to indicate the status and restrictions.

[e] Footpath 8 – FO has indicated this should be re-opened by the end of October.

33/18. Defibrillators – Invoices have now been sorted out and paid.  The Gelston defibrillator needs a new heater and a quote has been requested from CHT.  A second quote will be required.  If this gets urgent then agreement as to the supplier can be by e-mail. Clerk to let PeM have balance held in the defibrillator account.

34/18. Communications -

The draft of the next edition of ONside was discussed and a few changes agreed.Printing costs will be sponsored by The Brownlow Arms. PM to ask for volunteers, through Next Door,to deliver the ONside at Hough.Noticeboards will be sorted out during October.

35/18 Finance :

[a] Bank balances at 31.8.18 £4,861.72 (deposit a/c} and £3,517.81 (current a/c).  

[b] Resolved to sign the bank reconciliation/income and expenditure accounts at 31.8.18.

[c] Check Groundsman’s tender date and get 3 quotes including local contractors.

Gritting will not take place between Hough and Brandon but the route is now on the waiting list.

Clerk to contact Cllr Rhymer as to work at the War Memorial.

Cllr Sampson advised that SK has acquired an exhibition trailer to take round to events to promote SK.  SKInvest and SKDeliver are two new companies that have been set up by SKDC – they have still to select which company they will partner with.  £500,000 capital is required for each company and will come out of SKDC reserves.  District Councillors were not consulted on these two new companies being set up.  At the Fenton Parish Meeting the chair stood down after serving for 16 years.  A new Chair, Clerk and Treasurer had been appointed.  Our request for £200 from Cllr Sampson’s award has been granted.

Cllr Maughan advised that Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire had approached Lincolnshire regarding some joint working but not devolution.  The new Chief Executive started in July.  Quite a few Senior Officers will retire in the next 12 – 18 months and they want to ensure they get the appropriate replacements.  Pothole repairs should now be done on a first fix basis – if they are not, then we should report it.  They had an underspend of 2% last year and £18,000,000 will go into reserves.  With regard to Grantham Hospital, 85% of the STP has been agreed – the outstanding 15% is where services will be delivered from.  There will not be a decision on Grantham A & E until 2019.  The Government has now told ULHT to provide a Plan.


38/18. Next meeting:    6th December 2018 at 7.30 pm.  Meeting closed at 9.40 pm.