Updating the Neighbourhood Plan in 2022/23

Back in 2015, this Parish successfully made a Neighbourhood Plan and, following an 80% in favour Referendum, the Plan was adopted by South Kesteven District Council (SKDC) and became part of the statutory planning process for this area.

In 2020, SKDC produced a new Local Plan for the district with which our Neighbourhood Plan must comply. As a result, some of our policies are no longer valid. To ensure that our local voice can still have weight in the planning system, the Parish Council has agreed to update our Neighbourhood Plan.

The updated Plan will, as before, set out a vision for the evolution and long term sustainability of our heritage and historic built environment, protecting our rural landscape character and guiding appropriate and sensitive future development.

Our process for updating has to follow statutory guidance, the most important part of which is to ensure that we properly consult and engage with everyone who lives in the Parish (and local businesses and landowners) and reflect local views and opinions.

Please note that our Plan must be in conformity with both national and SKDC planning policy and must promote the principle of sustainable development. It cannot reject or invalidate development which is permitted by national or SKDC planning policy.

The updating of the Plan will be ongoing for the next few months, and there will be many opportunities for consultation before the new Plan is sent to SKDC to begin the process of formal adoption.

Please click on the following links for more information:

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