NPC January 2022 Minutes

Hough on the Hill Parish Council

MINUTES of the Hough on the Hill Parish Council (PC) meeting held at Hough on the Hill Church Community area at 7 pm on Tuesday 18th January 2022.   

Present:  Cllr S Rowland (in the Chair), Cllrs. A. Barrett (AB), R. Holden (RH), A. Knott (AK), and V. McLean (VM) and Dist Cllr P Milnes.

This meeting was merely for Neighbourhood Plan (NP) matters, and there was no public forum.

48/21     - Thanks were made to all members of the Neighbourhood Plan Committee (NPC) who are working extremely hard to get the new Plan underway.

49/21 – AK advised that the timetable was expected to be as the one e-mailed prior to this meeting.  The leaflets will go out at the end of this month or early in February.  It is being investigated as to whether Next Door will be used, as it is essential that the NP remains valid for the Parish only and not the wider community.

The NPC has met with the gentleman concerned with technical resource.  The edge of settlement has to be defined and he will help to create boundaries for each settlement.

Green spaces have to be identified, including Loveden Hill.

The next meeting of the NPC has yet to be arranged.  The NPC will report back to the PC.

It is anticipated that a public workshop will be held on 12th March.

The timetable was agreed.

50/21 – The leaflet had been distributed by e-mail prior to this meeting.  

It was agreed that reference to land ownership by one person (under “Did You Know”) should be removed.

Reference to the period for the Plan of 2022-2042 should have “subject to reviews in that period” added.

51/21 – The questionnaire had been distributed by e-mail prior to this meeting.  

Question 8 needs more consideration.

52/21 – Terms of reference – previously circulated, are approved.

The possibility of a communal locked collection box in the church porch was raised, and AK will look into this.

Meeting closed at 7.45 pm