May 2019 Agenda



18 Chapel Lane, Caythorpe, Grantham, NG32 3EG

Telephone: 01400 273742 / 07916 628673



Chairman: Councillor R Kingscott


Dear Councillor,


You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of Hough on the Hill Parish Council to be held on 9th May  2019 in the Community Area of Hough on the Hill Church, commencing at 7.40 pm.



Signed.......L.Frances................Clerk to the Council                        Date:  3.5.19





       Public Forum.


  1. Welcome by Chairman. 


  1. Apologies for absence.


  1. Declarations of interest.


  1. Resolution to approve Minutes of meeting held on 14th March 2019..


  1. Planning matters:  S18/ 0078 – Brandon Wood Clay Shoot application for clubhouse – pending consideration; S18/0221 - auto racing on grass track near Gelston  – pending consideration; S18/2336 – The Cottage, Lower Road, Hough – single storey extension – approved; S19/0231 – Windwards erection of triple garage – pending consideration;  

S19/0355 – Single storey extension at 33 Lower Road, Hough – single storey extension – pending consideration; S19/0393 – The Old Dairies discharge of conditions – approved; S19/0934 – The Old Dairies – amendment to door and shutters – approved;S19/0651 – Barakiel Barn – single storey extension – pending consideration.

  1. Playing field:   March and April reports not to hand. Update on site measurement for rubber chippings.  New inspection rota – query instructions for new Councillors.      


  1. Road safety/Highways – Update on installation of new village entrance gates on C001.  Update on change of position of “Unsuitable for HGVs” sign.  Update on overflowing stream at Lower Road, Hough [Cllr Maughan]. Update on additional gritting route (Cllr Maughan).  Update on potential speed restriction through Gelston (Cllr Maughan). 


  1. Footpaths –Footpath 8 – not yet received an application to re-route path.


  1. Brandon Pole Transformer Diversion – any update on commencement date for work?


  1. Old fashioned streetlights for Hough – way forward?


11. Communications – information for OnSide.


 12.  Financial matters:

   [a] Bank balances at 31.3.19 £4,002.28 (deposit a/c} and £1,158.74 (current a/c).   

    [b] Resolution to sign bank reconciliation/income & expenditure accounts at 31.3.19

    [c]Resolution to sign DD for ICO subscription.    

    [d]Resolution to sign Bank Mandate.

    [e] Resolution to sign Annual Governance Statement for 2018-19 Audit Return.

    [f] Resolution to sign Accounting Statements for 2018-19 Audit Return.


 13. To note any correspondence received.


 14.To consider any matters from invited speakers.


15.Date and time of next meeting:  September 19th at 7.30 pm.