NPC July 2022 Notes of a Zoom Meeting

NOTES of a Zoom meeting relating to Neighbourhood Plan matters – held on 11.7.22 at 7 pm.

Attendees: Alistair Knott, Vicky McLean, Andrew Barrett, Peter Baker, R. Moore and Lesley Frances.

This meeting is primarily to discuss the Workshop on Saturday next, and the responses to the LGS amber and green site owners.

Tea and cakes will be provided at the workshop.  There are 3 new display boards to be delivered to Alistair on Thursday.  The purpose of the workshop is the Design Guidance document, and will focus from Page 62 of the Guide onwards – infill and edge of development.  Alistair is arranging for about 20 hard copies to be printed.  He is going to question Page 72 of the draft Guide regarding outbuildings and the setting of a design precedent.  [There is a typo on page 62 at E “ou’t’buildings].

With regard to the LGS – agreed we will approach Jake Horton at SKDC with our suggested responses to those that have raised enquiries – and get his feedback.  Holding letters to go to the amber and green site owners who have raised enquiries.  Alistair will do a response to Mr Nicholson.

The private garden (H5) shown as an amber rated LGS will not be taken forward – letter to owners to advise.

Meeting finished at 7.35 pm