NP January 2023 DRAFT Notes

Hough on the Hill Parish Council

NOTES of a Meeting of Hough on the Hill Parish Council held at Hough on the Hill Church Community Area at 7 pm on Tuesday 31st January 2023.

Present: Cllrs D Lang (DL) (in the Chair), R. Harris (RH), M. Ingham (MI), R. Mills (RM), L. Moore(LM), M Taylor(MT), M Twelvetrees (MTw) and Dist Cllr P Milnes.  There were 15 members of the public present.

68/22: Apologies – there were none.

69/22: - Declarations of Interest – Cllr Harris declared an interest in Item 6 of the Agenda.

70/22: Neighbourhood Plan update – a time and monetary plan needs consideration – the current Neighbourhood Plan is out of date with new Spatial Policies (3 – 5) in the SKDC Local Plan.   A question was raised as to why Hough on the Hill is now classified as a smaller village and the present of a pub puts Hough into that classification and susceptible to the new Spatial Policies.  Discussion took place and thereafter Cllr Taylor proposed and Cllr Twelvetrees seconded a motion to continue with  updating the Neighbourhood Plan.  A vote was taken and 4  (MI, LM, MT and MTw) were in favour and 3 (DL,RH,RM)  were against.

71/22: Advisory Committee: discussion was had as to whether an Advisory Committee should be set up – Cllr Moore felt that this should happen and made a proposal to this effect but this was not seconded.  The  Parish Council resolved that an advisory committee was not necessary and the PC as a whole would take responsibility for the Plan update.

72/22: Design Code – it was apparent that there are errors in this document.  It was resolved that the final document (as produced by AECOM) should be put onto the website with a weblink then to go on Next Door.  Anyone wishing to put forward amendments should then contact the Clerk within two weeks.   

73/22: Local Green Spaces (LGS): - it was clear among the Councillors and public that much more information is needed on this subject.  Resolved that the Clerk should ask Jake Horton from SKDC to come to a meeting of the Council and public to explain what this designation means, how sites are designated, what designation means for the landowner etc.  

74/22: Next meeting – to be agreed but aim for late February.

Meeting closed at 8.40 pm.